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Clen is a different kind of supplement available in the weight loss and bodybuilding market. Clen, while not approved by FDA but most common product used by dieters and athletes, excluding USA.

Considered to be an illegal performance enhancing supplement, even so, Clen, believed to be a supplement used in improving muscle tone and performance. Because being an athlete or bodybuilder, realizing the negative implications of this supplement could lead to the enhancement of general health. Extended consumption of Clen could lead to lifetime complications.

Considered a medicinal supplement for improving muscle tone. Also used to enhance body shape by the body-builders and athletes.

Legal Clen Alternatives

One company, Muscle Labs USA, carries a legal clen alternative, Clenbuterall. Mimicking the effects of Clen, but without the banned substances or ill side effects. Working as a thermogenic, Clenbuterall by Muscle Labs USA burns fat and helps you get the shredded and cut look. Each bottle contains 60 capsules and you take 1-2 capsules daily. Prices range $55 and up.

Clen Pills Side Effects, Dosage and Cycles

The supplement intake in females must be less compared to men daily dosage. Athletes take 5-7 tabs (100-140 mcg) per day. Intake of 3-4 tablets (80-100 mcg) for females is sufficient.

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